Your freight is safe with us
es en Since 1995; we are a company dedicated to air cargo handling, air transport services, and General Sales Agent for Air Cargo Carriers.
We provide both solutions and service that require a foreign airline to feel supported and well advised in our country inducing but not limited to commercial, administrative and logistical support, as well as legal and financial accounting.
Our main activities are handled at the main airports at Ecuador, Mariscal Sucre at Tababela and Simon Bolivar at Guayaquil.

Av. Gaspar de Villaroel 1100 y Av 6 de Diciembre
Edificio RITZ PLAZA NORTE . Planta baja. Local 28
Telfs: +593 2 6017517 / +593 2 3361380 / +593 2 3361381

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